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Preliminary of 11th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students Successfully Held in Grenada

On April 5th, the 4th Chinese Language Competition in Grenada and the Preliminary of the 11th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Student wassuccessfully held at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) in Grenada. Chinese Ambassador to Grenada H.E. Dr.Zhao Yongchen, Principal of TAMCC Dr. Jeffrey Britton, teachers and students attended the event. Ambassador Zhao and Dr. Britton presented certificates and prizes to the winners. Grenadianmainstream media carried out live coverage.

In his speech, Ambassador Zhao said, this is the fourth “Chinese Bridge” Chinese proficiency competition held in Grenada and he isvery pleased to see that more and more young people in Grenada have started to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture in recent years, deepened their understanding of China’sdevelopment, Chinese culture and the Chinese people. This will help build a bridge between the two peoples and create a better future for China-Grenada relations.

Dr. Britton said, since its establishment, the TAMCC Confucius Classroom has made great achievements in promoting Chinese language and culture. Chinese language has closely linked the people around the world together, and strengthened mutual trust and cooperation among peoples. He will continue to try his best to support the promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture in Grenada.

The competition had three parts: written test, speech on the theme and talent show, which saw the participation of eleven contestants.In the speech part, the contestants vividly expressed their love forChinese language and China on the theme of “Learn Chinese with Fun” and expressed their hope that through learning Chinese, theywould realize their dreams for life. In the talent show part, the contestants performed in various ways of Chinese folk dance, paper-cuts, monologue comic talk and songs in Chinese, whichpushed the contest to a climax one after another, with applausefrom the audience again and again.

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